Functional Training

Functional Training is:

training in a practical way to encouage you to be come stronger, resilsand, coordinated, flexible and more functional.

we use movenents that will help you to unify your body and moveemmnts to develop better core stability, better movement, better connection with your body.

we use equipment such as kettlebells, medicine balls, bands, pilates balls, body weight and free weights. sometimes we even use our imagination.

Fighting Fit

55 minutes

The first half of this session is stand up pad work with a partner.

The second half is a 2 round 6 to 8o stn circuit functional training workout.

If you want to get in learn how to hit things work with other people, sweat a bit, have a and a laugh. Then this is the workout for you.

You don't need to know how to fight to join in with us.

We learn as we go and our instructors will help you with all the training tips you need at the moment.

If you do already know how to fight, please understand your training partner might no know as much as you do, so work at their pace not yours.

Funktional Fit

In house in the studio wednesday Mornings kl 06.30

Online wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon 17.00

Duration 55 mins.

6 to 8 stations

5 rounds

60 sec on 10 sec off

Functional training workout.

This workout is for you if you want to get in and do some decent functional training.

Push - pull - squat - hinge - twist - balance - stabilise.

That's our formula.

Go hard & heavy or fast OR slow it down and work on your form - it's up to you and how you are feeling on the day .

Above all Feel Better.

Boomer X

In house in the studio and ONLINE

Tuesdays 09.30 GMT+1 (Stockholm time)

Duration 55 mins

6 to 8 stations

5 rounds

60 sec on 10 sec off

Functional training workout aimed at the 40 to 90 year olds

(Boomers and Gen Xer’s)

We do all the functional training essentials, we just make it a little more user friendly.

We use a big ball and something heavy, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands etc.

We give you alternative options and movement solutions depending on your movement and range of motion needs.

Strong to the CORE.

This session is run every other sunday at 10.30

55 mins.

You can join in house in the studio OR online

This session we go through various functional exercises that really help you get in contact with your deep core.

We slow things down and help you understand the why of these movements so that when you’re doing them you are developing a much better connection with your body and your deep core.

In this session there is quite a bit of getting down and up off the floor, using big balls, kettlebells and weights - performing start stop movements and dynamic exercises as well as making sure you are working within your limits and getting in a better movement not just more movement.