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Functional Fighting Fit
Functional Training
Functional Training
Functional Fighting Fit
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Who we are

We're here to help you 'Feel Better'

Because no matter where you're at you can always feel better.

We want to work with you where you are at right now.

Together we can learn to move and work and feel better.

We focus on functional training, so that you can be stronger in your every day life.

We learn martial arts skills so that you can feel stronger and more confident.

We learn people skills because adulting is hard and people are weird

Whether you are with us for just one or all of these things, we want to work with you towards 'feeling better'.

The Team

"I grew up in this gym, nowhere have i felt so naturaly at home. I have laughed and cried and talked for hours on thoose mats. But mostley i have sweated and pushed myself and my body."

Josefin Hellgren

"This place has gotten me more fit and more motivated than I thought was possible!

And the best is that it doesnt matter what your fitness level is, I can bring any of my friends and we can work out together and push each other on the level we are!"

Anna G.

Jo is an excellent teacher! She explains how the body works and why the exercises are so effective at improving balance, strength, and overall function. She tailors the workout to my individual abilities, as she does with everyone in class. I’m a 69-year-old Boomer and I feel energized after every class!

Jessica B

Our loved customers

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